….into the foray!


It really has been a crazy period. So much time has seemingly passed with so little achieved and so, desperate measures call for desperate times. It is time to jump feet first into the foray. All around me are signs and banners saying ‘you are just another hamster in a hamster wheel’ and honestly it sure feels like that most days and so shaking off the lethargy requires more than bringing the wheel to a stop, it means I have to get outside the box and do things differently.

What are the connotations to being different? I dare say that the connotations by themselves are the prerequisite to achieving one of the greatest compliments in life – ‘you are different!’ and if that is the only thing etched on my headstone, then I did accomplish something. The true measure of a man’s worth is not by the weight of his money belt or by the size of his fan base or going by recent trends; the number of views on social media, it is by the effect you had on the lives that you were opportuned to interact with. And so this is my way of saying, “tradition has its place in the system of things but creating your own system is the way to go”. Why do I say this, some might ask? Well I say it because I believe it and regardless of how large the naysayers may be, I will stand by my faith.

Loyalty is not as intense a trait or attitude as it used to be, maybe because there has been an enormous shift in who handles responsibilities these modern days. However for the few who understand the true value of life and its demands, it means an enormous deal. So many plagiarists out there, so many wannabes, so many warped reflections and still life with its passage of time continues to keep records of the little events that have such a monumental effect in the lives around us. We are not bound by time in our bid to tick those boxes, instead we are bound by the fear that comes from standing too long at the edge of the cliff.

There is so much out there, so much that can be done….it can only be done by getting out of your comfort zone and stretching just a mite more. It might sound easy but the task lies in the doing. So here I am, not holding back but giving it all that I can summon because I remember this; “in the effort lies victory”.


3 thoughts on “….into the foray!

  1. Well said. To those who understand let them reach forward to constructively create, to see, and to experience the traits of being alive.

    • Thanks Ebosco for making out the time to read through and my appreciation knows no bounds cos that’s what motivates me to share more. And I want to also applaud your efforts towards helping the ‘helpless’ navigate their tenuous path through life. They didn’t choose to be born that way however people like you make the fighting worthwhile.

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