About depths and heights….

Undestanding height through depth!

There’s a big picture!

“To reach a great height, a person needs to have great depth” – Unknown

A couple of days ago, I wept! I failed a test that I had so long being preparing for, and it wasn’t just that I failed the test but I felt like I had failed myself after the unrelenting battle with myoclonus  (I’m still standing). Felt I had failed my very own because of the sacrifices we had made just to get to this stage, financial sacrifices, emotional sacrifices, the list seemed unending….but above all, it was a sore reminder that failure is an inevitable aspect of life. Needless to say, when you focus so much on the hurt and agony of hearing those words “I’m sorry, you failed!”, you fail to recognize that just like everything else, there’s a choice to be made. Pick yourself back up, more determined and more resolute or wallow in self pity and the dearth of hope that usually accompanies such situations.

Well, thanks to life’s experiences and the priceless support of JOIV, I chose the former – analysed my mistakes, went back the very next day and aced the very same test. It was a humbling reminder that even though at times, I feel like Superman considering where I’ve come from, I’m still human and it is clearly stated within the handbook that it’s neither strength nor swiftness that wins a race but the whom you choose to focus on. When the nerves flutter, and the winds buffet, when the clouds hang gloomy overhead; the question is who do you focus on because I can yet again say that we are most definitely limited in our output. It’s really not about just you, it’s about comprehending that there is a big picture. Height and depth are simply locations and both have lessons to be learned, whether we acknowledge those lessons and realize that our life is not just ours to do as we will, the outcome of our lives can be almost certain.

I have learned that failing strips me of the air of invincibility that I sometimes occasionally fall into, it pushes me to realign myself with my purpose and if I can’t get my purpose then what really is my worth. We each get drawn into the fallacy that success is only about winning but I beg to differ because you can only appreciate heights when you’ve appreciated depths. The best lessons are often learned during adverse times, accepting those lessons are our choice to make. The times we grope around in the valley are usually not that different from the times we luxuriate at the heights of the mountains, it’s the lessons and their application that are different.

The fact that I had bolstered and encouraged many to succeed whilst I had failed was further driven home by the loneliness I experienced. There will be times when it’s just you and you alone, you just have to work through the pain and draw the strength that’s so readily available when we are at our weakest. The challenge is that more often than not, we allow ourselves to succumb to the pressure of allowing ourselves be defined by the wrong standards. When we were made, the mould was broken and that says in no little way that God believes we each are His masterpiece – how we embrace that fact goes a long way in determining how we make it through life. I chose again to remind myself that my life is worth more than failing a test, it is also an opportunity to learn what mistakes I should not make going forward because the journey is forward going not standing still in a puddle of tears. What does not kill you only makes you stronger! Am I focusing on being nearly slain or I’m focusing on the new reserves of strength that’s being availed to me?

All around us are people who are facing their own unique experiences, are we going to become weary of well doing just because of a minor setback? My answer is no; because you can only receive when you have created space by giving and for as long as you give, you will never run out. Life events might infer the contrary but the truth is that givers never lack, wisdom and knowledge is meant to be shared not hoarded. Today, I am paces ahead because of that failure and I’m emboldened to strive ahead each new day, good or bad, high or low – this is a journey and the finish line has been predetermined, completing my journey or not is mine to decide. I’ve got all the help I need because my life is purpose driven and I’m fully equipped by The One who delights in my living. I choose not to dwell on just one aspect of life because there is definitely more than one aspect. Regardless of how thin a slice of bread is, it’s still got two sides.

We are all created to attain great heights but in order for us to do that, we must have great depth or else ours will be an incomplete mix with more than a pinch of woe and misery. In order to become champions, we must learn from the defeats we sometimes suffer. Today, I am reminded that I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, all the hard work is done and so when I fail, it’s a reminder that my success is already predetermined but I must learn and move on with the lessons. There is so much to life than just prejudiced definitions, make your own definitions and move along with your own convictions – you are being an asset to more than just yourself, which I think is the very essence of not being an island unto ourselves.

As we take each day as it comes, let us remember that the choices we make are not just going to impact ourselves…..when we do remember that, then we will experience the pleasures of both the heights and the depths. At every location, there are lives around us that we can bless, let’s not grow weary but continue in doing good works because it is better to wear out than rust away.

עשוי לעמוד בפני ברקו בנעימות עליך עד שנפגש שוב!


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