Whodunit: The Misadventures Of My Mutant Ninja Protein


This is the inexplicable scenario that some of us are privileged to face, guess what – being different is the most difficult thing to be.

Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse

Too often, I find myself apologetic over hurdles that come with Dystonia: I’m sorry it’s difficult to understand me…I can’t walk across the park…I need more time to finish this form. Worse are the silent apologies I make to myself. Why do I perpetually raise excuses for my condition as if responsibility for this annoying hoopla falls squarely on my shoulders? I possess greater control over my runaway temper than my speech or my stride. Dystonia arrived as an intruder on my doorstep, robbing me of some of my dearest possessions: clear speech, even gait, smooth handwriting, contraction-free enjoyment of life.

16542915_sThe perpetrators of this medical crime lurk deep inside my brain committing all kinds of chemical mischief. I’ve participated in a bunch of “line-ups” – ironically, I’m the one who’s scrutinized – but while a culprit surfaces in a blood test, the actus reus can’t be captured in a pretty picture…

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3 thoughts on “Whodunit: The Misadventures Of My Mutant Ninja Protein

  1. Ryan, I’m thrilled – and honored – to see you’ve re-blogged my post. Your own site is beautifully written and your words supremely insightful. I’m just glad we found one another amid this crazy beast called Dystonia! -Pam-

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