Bon Anniversaire!


“In the ladder of lives we are given to climb, each life counts for only a second of time. The only one thing to do in that brief little space is to make the world glad that we ran the race.” – E.W Wilcox

Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse

14605022_s editedA year ago today I pressed the publish button on my newly created, blissfully pink WordPress site, a simple motion that shook my very core with far greater velocity than Dystonia. I’d embraced a new self-view removing shame from my equation, embarking upon an exploration of alien territories within myself and new roadmaps to human understanding.

My blog marked the end of one odyssey and the beginning of another, perhaps even more transformative than the first. I set out with lofty goals – no less than unburdening my soul, sharing deeply felt insights and describing my strange disorder without it sounding like a virulent medical horror, starting with the post pinned to the top of this site. I ventured into foreign lands endlessly more foreboding than the manipulative villain lurking in my brain. I’ve tackled my deepest nightmares of how I might present to others, wildly misplaced self-phobias, misinformed perceptions of disability, even notions…

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5 thoughts on “Bon Anniversaire!

  1. Ryan, I’m thrilled you saw fit to reblog my anniversary post. With all the changes my blog has wrought in my life, this truly is a celebration. I’ve met so many remarkable people who have touched me to the core. I believe life can be a surprising journey. Sometimes, we must roll the dice and see where they land. We only get one chance in this world, we must ever strive to make it our best. -Pamela-

    • Valiantly sweet Pam, we can do absolutely nothing about what life throws at us but we definitely have a say as to our response. The best way to help yourself is by letting go and lending a hand regardless of how shaky a hand it might seem, someone out there can do with

  2. I’m a firm believer in caring about the world. I treasure my Dystonia activist and advocacy work and co-moderate a Dystonia patient support group here in NYC. I also volunteer with a Dystonia & Parkinson’s foundation. My parents did so much for Dystonia when I was a child and it’s wonderful to finally be in a position to give back myself. Took me enough time to get here but now I’m all in! -Pamela-

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