Friend or foe (Pt 2)….


2hrs 23mins left and once that resets to zero, the year 2021 becomes the past and there is absolutely nothing we can do about the events of the year except learn from the mistakes we made. 2022 begins; a fresh new parchment and I definitely know that it comes with its fair share of highs and low so why procrastinate completing this post? I learned this year that procrastination is the thief of opportunity and I definitely am not letting any theft take place whilst I yet watch. Not on my watch because in my world that would be an ending without a completion, something that those with OCD will spend the first hours of the new year trying to grapple with.

Friend or Foe?

There is definitely a lot to pen down, but with the end comes a beginning and so I will attempt to keep this as brusque as is civil. I happened to come across a social media post from one of the new friends I made in 2021 and why it stuck was the simplicity of the of the post. He graduated from high school, the same as I attended and he asked for people to comment and state the year of graduation so as to enable him know who were his ‘seniors’ and those who were his ‘juniors’. A pretty unusual request however, what made it quite fascinating was that he graduated the same year that I was born and so you can understand the incredulity of even trying to comment because where do you start from. I was not even conceived when he got into high school but I did something different – I commented and said much more as is typical with me when I come across extraordinary events.

He was the last of 5 friends I made in 2021 and of-course the scales are off-center because I know I made much more foes than 5 and that is not in anyway due to me embarking on a ‘get as many foes as you can’ mission. It reminds me of a question that someone posted on Quora and his question was why do banks accept deposits within minutes but it takes the same institution at least 3 days to refund money? Having some banking experience, it brought a chuckle to my lips because that summarily is what life is about – life is unfair and if you have not encountered the unfairness of life then I would suggest that you probably stop reading and go watch the fireworks going off in celebration of the new year. It is almost like asking why do some people choose to be foolish because I do know that God freely gives wisdom, they are just comfortable in the ignorance that they knowingly flaunt around with every given opportunity and I most wholeheartedly assure you that I speak with some experience on that subject.

Lest I get bothered and thrown off course by the amazing ability of people to choose folly over wisdom on a recurring basis, I must also acknowledge that we need them, not as jesters in our courts but as foes because there must always be some sort of balance in life. The more the merrier, remember that God is sovereign and if He is preparing a banquet for me then I know it is not anything small. I am truly thankful for the foes because it helps keep the hope of restoration and abundance alive, what would a banquet be without self-styled unhappy people so there is truly no need to go recruiting foes, they will show up regardless of what you do so just continue to be a better version of yourself and grace them with the complement of ignorance. Haters will always hate however, friends are rare and therefore much more worthy of my actions because friends make you better, they pull you up when you fall and they evoke the desire to make life more relevant which should be a priority for anyone who has a modicum of understanding regarding our journey through life, for therein lies fulfilment.

Despite my laptop vehemently struggling to be a foe, I owe myself the time honored responsibility of making my life count for something and so onwards I must continue, not just for myself but also for those lives that are inexplicably connected to mine. Tweak what you can whilst you can because 2hrs can be applied to doing something nice and impactful to others, and when that runs out, you can either choose to remain in the past or move on with an unflinching stare, confident that the future is now the present and what treats it has in store for us. I want to give a give a special shout-out to friends that were bold enough to tell me ‘No’ because the ‘No’ unknown to them were answers to prayers and I know that God promises what is best for me. With that, I want to thank you all for being part of my life and I conclude this with a prayer that we truly understand that there can be no happy new year without God being first place.

Remember that in everything we do, He must be glorified and that is how I choose to end 2021 and begin 2022, with a steely resolve to make everything I do, glorifying to Him. That is my resolution for the new year along with a prayer that in times of weakness, His grace and strength will be made manifest. I know that 2022 will yet reveal just a glimpse (because of the frailty of our mind) of His Kindness and faithfulness, and so together let us usher in another awesome year, better that any year we have lived.

שנלמד משגיאות העבר כשאנו מביטים קדימה לפאר העתיד!


What really counts is……


What Really Counts?

My friend just reminded me that we weigh our expectations based on what we feel, and though not quite succinctly put, I would say that our priorities influence our everyday actions. In reference to my last post being two months ago, my dropping off the ‘bloggradar’ and all other proffered observations being a display of how often I was thought of……(really poignant) however what do we do when we are faced with our own challenges regarding a task is actually a display of how high that task is on our priority list. So this year, it is all about prioritizing and in order to do that, there has to be a clear picture of what really counts when push comes to shove.

It has been a significant start to the best year ever and whilst I cannot dwell on the past, I can also not do same for the future but what I can do is utilize the period in-between using the lessons from history and my aspirations for the future to get myself walking and not just ambling along but imbibing the sage words of Reverend Steve Banning; walking with purpose. The question that kind of jumps out now is ‘does purpose change with each new year?’ Honestly, in my own opinion, that answer is influenced by the necessity of reviewing the past because purpose really does not change but what changes is our position with regards to achievement. It would actually be a foible admitting that nothing has changed or that I am now a perfect version of who I was, instead I attest that I am a better version of who I was and needless to say that the health situation might not have varied much (it actually has, depending on where you stand), the financial situation might still be more within arms’ reach or that the lows were more than the highs (definitely not) – the glaring fact is that I am in a new year and old things have passed, all things are new as they stand.

I am writing on the eve of going for a battery of tests, resulting from my last appointment with my PCP and regardless of what new diagnosis was made, I am determined not to allow my priorities be juxtaposed. What counts to me are not the variables like the results from the doctor’s but that I am alive and choose to walk with purpose. I will definitely be lugging around more medication (and it is only just a few days into the new year but guess what, I see them as new too!), requiring more restraints as to what I can but should not do (like taking a swim and almost passing out from hypothermia and literally having brain freeze) but then I have to focus on what should count because ‘a man is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose’. I cannot afford to lose my faith neither can I afford to lose the overwhelming knowledge and conviction that I am led by a God who so loves me. I cannot afford to lose the opportunity to share my experiences truthfully with others especially those suffering from circumstances similar to mine. I can afford to lose loved ones (numbing as it may be) but I cannot afford to lose the opportunity to be a loving one to someone else, regardless of skin color, race or whatever indices there may be.

I know that what really counts may not be the immediate results of our actions, directly or indirectly but the effort towards achieving a purpose. It may tarry but as the heavens bear witness, no labor of mine is going unrewarded. I realize that what counts is not how many years I mark off the calendar but how much I am able to do today with regards to achieving my purpose. The excesses and the droughts will surely come but what counts is how I respond in such times and so I choose to be a first time responder to the needy, regardless of how ignorant they might be of their lack. In a bid to become what the world wants you to be, most times you give up the very core of your existence and I for one will not spend a precious moment being a shell of a being; merely existing with no real purpose and so though it takes every fibre of my physical strength, I will depend on the reserves that can never be exhausted and make my every day count for something.

Long ago, I realized the futility of making resolutions because in my opinion, they are just high falutin words made in a somber moment at the beginning of a year and so I choose to spend more time transforming those un-penned resolutions into actual works. Acknowledging what I see but walking by faith, because I see that what awaits me ahead is way beyond my feeble imagination. I hold dearly to they whom God has given me because I know that it is all for signs and wonders – an awesome display that will blow the minds of those that are still waiting to see. As for those that have witnessed something from my life and who have witnessed something to me, I say thanks for the privilege of being in your company albeit for whatever period of time. I know how limited (and I say that with a grimace) my strength is and so I know that what counts is that in Him, I truly will never know my own strength. The doors are all lined up and I walk towards doors that have been opened for me, truly anticipating the delights of walking through those doors. This is just the beginning, but what a beginning it is. With each freely given breath that I take, I extol the praises of My Creator and despite the limitations I face sometimes, I will make each breath count as a sweet exhalation of every grace and favor received.

Now is my time and as I plant each seed given to me, I know that the produce will surely count for something, someone ….

המטרה שלי היא ללא שינוי . פרידה , עד שנפגש שוב ….